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Tanae Wolo-Acolatse

Tanae Wolo-Acolatse
Partners in Education

Tanae Wolo-Acolatse, Ph.D., entrepreneur, professor, and researcher, is the owner of TEW Accounting & Consulting Services, LLC. She started her accounting career in the paper industry and spent over 20 years in various leadership positions in financial accounting and business analysis. In 2010, Dr. Wolo-Acolatse started a consulting company dedicated to assisting small businesses and 501(c)(3) organizations in accounting, taxes, and business start-up. Later this year, she is launching Career Start Inc., a 501 (c)(3) organization, which is designed to empower, mentor, and encourage minority high school students to pursue careers in accounting.

As an educator, Dr. Wolo-Acolatse is committed to teaching, empowering, and motivating her students to take a proactive approach to learning by analyzing real world accounting practices theoretically, written communication, and student involvement. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in accounting and serves as a Career Coach. She is continuing her scholarly research interests in earnings management and white-collar crime. Her most recent published work was a featured article in the Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Journal entitled Exploring the Relationship between Earnings Management and White-Collar Crime: A Literature Review. She also authored, "The Power of You: 5 Simple Steps That Will Help You Uncover Your Potential" which is available on Amazon.