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Intermediate Level Firearms Training Course – 4 Hours CE GAFASTA Training Academy

Rodney Smith


10:00 am – 2:00 pm


Georgia Firearms and Security Training Academy (GAFASTA) is offering an intermediate level firearms training course for real estate agents and general public. This course of instruction is designed for students that have successfully completed GAFASTA Basic Pistol Safety Training Course. This 4- hour course is a prerequisite for the Concealed Carry Weapons Training Course (CCW).  This intermediate class is preparing students for the advanced CCW training.  Students will learn how to draw and holster their weapons while shooting and moving, use of cover, magazine changes, malfunction and stoppage drills with snap caps.  Team GAFASTA will give you the needed confidence, knowledge, skills and attitude in safely handling a pistol while carrying a firearm for personal defense.

This four (4) hour course will consist of two (2) hours classroom and two (2) hours range training and qualifications.

If you do not have a gun you may rent one at the range for $10.

Students need 50 rounds of ammunition

Ear protection (plugs and muffs)

Eye protection

No low cut tops, open toed shoes (hot brass)

No high heeled shoes

5 snap caps

No live ammunition in the classroom



Real Estate Resources Academy makes every effort to maintain scheduled classes subject to class enrollment minimums. However, Real Estate Resources Academy cannot guarantee that classes will start on the scheduled date if class enrollment is insufficient. As such, Real Estate Resources Academy reserves the right to reschedule class dates, if necessary, in order to insure that class enrollment meets the minimum number of students for a course being offered.

Bookings are closed for this course.