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Residential Lease Agreements – Georgia Landlord/Tenant Law

Many sellers have become Landlords out of necessity rather than by choice. Likewise, listing agents have unwillingly taken on the role of property manager. Buyer brokers have clients that cannot qualify for mortgages under new underwriting requirements and resort to Leases with an Option to Purchase or to a Lease/Purchase. This course covers applicable Georgia law relating to the landlord/tenant relationship and reviews of the Lease Purchase Agreement (GAR F29), Lease for Lease Purchase Exhibit (GAR F30), Lease for Residential Property (GAR F40), and other related forms. Discussion includes answers to questions such as which pre-printed provisions can be changed and which pre-printed provisions are inserted in the contract as a result of statutes or case law and cannot be changed.

Instructed by Howell Haunson of the MHS Training Institute.

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